When Can I Clap?

Cartoon of an excited, clapping boy. Another boy whispers to hi, "Psst! Tyler! This song isn't clappable!"

Every year, in the spring, I notice it. The kids that used to be so enthusiastic in their singing start to stand or sit in stone silence. Fourth and fifth-grade boys are the hardest. They start to be very aware of others and have no desire to do anything “uncool.” Continue reading “When Can I Clap?”

Getting Your Worship Face On

cartoon of a guy talking to a pouting boy. They guy says, "Well! Someone doesn't have his worship face on!"
©2014 Kidzmatter & Speartoons Inc.

Sometimes, when I teach, I like to scan the audience while the kids sing during worship. Frequently, I will find kids that are getting into the music. But I also find the one or two faces that clearly do not have their “worship face” on. Continue reading “Getting Your Worship Face On”

Cartoon: Using Auto-Tune

Cartoon of a girl asking her teacher why doesn't he use auto-tune


Cartoon of a girl asking her teacher, “I heard you singing during worship. Why don’t you use Auto-Tune?

A similar incident happened to me once. A girl came up to me after I taught her class. She had helped me in worship. She informed me I made a better teacher than a singer. So I thanked her. What else could I do?

Sometimes in children’s ministry, you have to wear different hats. I used to fret about whether I was a good singer or a teacher. At least now I know I’m a better teacher than a singer. The only question remaining is, how bad of a singer am I?

Don’t answer that. I’ll let the kids critique me instead.

I drew this cartoon for K! Magazine.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Cartoon of a girl and a boy with a microphone. The boy says,”It’s not like I’m asking you on a date. I just want to know if you will sing a duet.”

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “duet.”

Caroling for Bonuses

Cartoon of a group of Christmas carolers. They’re singing, “€œDeck the Halls With fiscal Slowness, fa-la-la-la-la-a-a, La-la-la-la! Please give us our Year End Bonus…”

I originally drew this a dozen years ago during another economic slow-down. These things happen in cycles.