Lack of Chemistry

Cartoon of two girls in a chemistry classCartoon of two girls in a science laboratory. One girl says, “We’ve been in Science class for weeks. When are we going to make Love Potion Number Nine?”

Enigma Parenting

Cartoon of two boys. One has a decoder ring

Cartoon of two boys. One holds out his hand and says, “It’s impossible to understand parents, unless you have their secret decoder ring.”

Cat Proverb

Cartoon of two cats

Cartoon of  two cats. One says, “Don’t let our owners bother you. They have no idea how hard we have to work at being lazy.”

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Tense Negotiations

Cartoon of a boy and a bully

Cartoon of  a boy meeting a bully. The boy says, “Why don’t you channel your aggressive energy to something constructive; like football, rugby or macrame?” Continue reading “Tense Negotiations”

Tour of Diaper Duty

Cartoon of two teen girls

Cartoon of two teen girls. One says, “I’m babysitting the Davis’ kid. If I’m not back by Saturday, come after me.”