Day 6 of 21 Day Challenge: Cubism

Cubism has never been my thing, so it took some extra motivation to get this drawing going. Maybe it’s Picasso in a Peugeot. I owned a Peugeot once. I’m willing to bet I was the only Hoosier with a 505sti. They never caught on in Indiana.

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Day 4 of 21 Day Drawing Challenge

Drawing of my hand in four different styles
Today’s challenge was to draw your non dominant hand. Yes, I am left-handed. And yes, I washed my hands before beginning this exercise.
The four different styles are a semi-realistic hand, a cartoon hand, my hand as a robot/skeletal look, and a continuous line drawing.

Day 2 of 21 day drawing challenge

Today’s challenge was to draw a continuous line drawing of a smiling face, hand holding a bottle, man on a unicycle and a running dog.

This is a challenge through a Von Glitshka video series at

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Remember Hurricane Season, 2005?

sketch of two birds in winter gear

I drew this idea back in 2005 when the hurricane season was brutal. It feels like a distant memory considering how mild the last couple of seasons have been.

It just goes to show you things change quickly. if things look bad, they’ll get better eventually. If things are good, remember to save a little for the future. You never know what  may come your way.

How to Take Captive Every Thought

notes on taking captive every thought

My wife and I have been reading a devotional from Mark Batterson called Draw the Circle.

I sketched my notes while she read. We took notice today about the verse in 2 Corinthians 10:5. We are surrounded by so many thoughts each day. When I’ve read this verse before, I thought about the thoughts of temptation. But Mark points out it could be all thoughts, including positive ones.

Just as we need to take captive the negative, we need to be sure those positive thoughts don’t get away either. That’s just one of the reasons I use a sketchbook. We need to grab those good thoughts before they disappear. Too many times, I thought of an idea I was sure I’d remember only to wrack my brain and wonder what it was.

I’d encourage everyone to write down those dreams and thoughts you want to remember make them captive on a page so you can go back to them.