Melting snowman

Illustration of a boy in a winter rain. He discovers the head of a melted snowman.

The other day, the rain was coming down hard and all the snow was melting. The snowmen were looking pretty pathetic. This idea came to mind. I drew this in Adobe Illustrator.

In the Meadow, We Can Save a Snowman

Cartoon of man and a snowman. The snowman says, “I’d like to get saved. There’€™s just one problem–I’€™m terrified of getting baptized.”€

I can just imagine where snow-people would lean on the sprinkle-full immersion theological debate. They’d go for the sprinkling. They couldn’t help being hydrophobic. Water hazard would mean something entirely different to the snow folk.

Cold as Ice

Cartoon of a marriage counselor, snowman and woman. The snowman says, “Look! I’m willing to compromise, but I just can’t vacation in Florida!”

This dedicated to my snow bunny who would love nothing more than to vacation all winter in Florida. Happy anniversary, Honey. Here’s to many more walks on the beach with you.

Nature’s April Fool

Cartoon of boy and girl with snowman

Cartoon of  girl and boy with snowman. The girl says, “I can’t stand it when nature gives us an April Fools joke!”

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