Racing Gear

Cartoon of  two racers. One of them is wearing motor racing gear. The other says, “I get the feeling one of us is wearing the wrong racing gear.”

I’ve ran twice in the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon. One of the highlights is you get to run around the Indianapolis Speedway. It’s amazing to know you’re running on the same track where race cars go over 200 miles per hour. So I’ve thought of this idea more than once as I’ve been jogging around the 2 1/2 mile oval.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “racing.”

Passion for the Sport

Cartoon of two boys in baseball uniformsCartoon of two boys in baseball uniforms. One says, “I’m losing my interest in this sport. I thought groupis would be hounding me by now.”

Wear your Salary Cap

Cartoon of two boys playing basketball

Cartoon of two boys playing basketball. One says, “You can’t beat me! Not when I’m wearing my salary cap!”

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Cartoon of two football-playing boys

Cartoon of  two boy playing football. The smaller boy says, “”I’m supposed to guard you. First, let me notify my next of kin.”

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Sunday School Coach

Cartoon of a coach and teachers

Cartoon of  a teacher/coach and three teachers on a bench. The coach says, “Bowman! Go in for Stevens in the Preschool class!” Continue reading “Sunday School Coach”