Was it REALLY a good game?

Cartoon of two soccer players. One is beaten up. The other holds out his hand and says, "Good game!"One of the best moments in sports is when competitors shake hands after a hard-fought game. Sportsmanship is what makes games great. Whenever I see a player take things too personally, the fun goes right out of the game for me.

Who knows which player was on the winning team in this cartoon. What matters is that when you have played a challenging game, you leave your aggression on the field, pick yourself up and make a friend or two on the opposing team. When that happens, no matter who won, it really is a good game!

How to discipline a baseball player

Cartoon of two baseball playing boys. One is sad and confined to his house
Copyright ©2013, Kevin Spear

Cartoon of two boys. One is in his house. He says, “Go on without me. I came home late and received a five dollar fine and a two-game suspension.”

Cartoon: That Had to Hurt

Cartoon of two guys. The older one has a strange shape on his back. He says, “That?  Oh, it’s an old football injury.”

One nice thing about football is you have heroic injuries to show for it. It’s not nearly as awesome when I say I got a reed injury from playing the clarinet in marching band.

Disgruntled Coach Illustration


When I heard Illustration Friday’s word was “ferocious,” I spotted this sketch in my sketchbook. Basketball is king in Indiana and if things aren’t going well, the coach can get quite ferocious. It they get worse, the fans get ferocious and the poor coach begins to fear for his life!