Stubbornly Determined 

Cartoon of a jogging coupleI’ve learned that anything that requires determination takes a little stubbornness. When facing a daunting task, you’ll be told:

  • it’s not worth it.
  • There are not enough resources.
  • You’re not enough.
  • Aren’t you afraid?
  • Nobody has ever done this before. What makes you think you can?
  • If you feel scared, maybe that’s a sign you should stop 

Stubbornness is good when used correctly.

  • Be stubborn in your goal, but flexible in how to get there.
  • Be stubborn in standing up for what’s right, but flexible in how you communicate your vision to different people. 
  • Be stubborn in plugging away at your goal, but flexible in giving yourself a break. Nobody can be on 24/7/365.

I used to think being stubborn was a bad quality. Now I know it’s required for any goal with bumps and obstacles along the way.

When a sign is too obvious

cartoon of a guy holding a stop sign

Cartoon of a guy holding a stop sign. the caption says, While it was true Tom prayed for a sign from God, this wasn’t what he had hoped for.

Many times, when I’ve received a sign, it wasn’t the one I hoped for either. I don’t like it when I had a set of plans that doesn’t jive with the natural order of things. Sometimes, God has to hit me over the head with a stop sign to get my attention. When I finally do listen, I realized I could’ve saved myself a lot of frustration by just heeding the signs.