Love and Respect

Caption reads: “Dear God, I love and respect you. I’ll love and respect you even more if you get me through this test!”

Yes, I’ve had a few tests like that. It’s amazing how our priorities change when we come upon a test, isn’t it? Tests and promises seem to go hand in hand!

Finding Enemies to Love

Caption: “I learned I need to love my enemies. And lucky you, are the closest thing I have to one!”

“Enemies” is such a strong word for me. Enemies sound like someone is ready to blow me up or engage me in a sword deal on my way to work. Sure, people get on my nerves. I get on people’s nerves. Perhaps that’s the closest I come to loving an enemy. I better get started.

Snow switch

The snow was bad enough here to close the schools yesterday, today and tomorrow. However, if this wasn’t the case, I wonder if my son would have a similar conversation tomorrow as he waited for the bus.