I Just Love a Pond Baptism!

Cartoon of a guy with a fish attached to his arm. A woman says, "I just love a pond baptism!"

I didn’t have the benefit of a baptism in the great outdoors. Mine was in a church sanctuary. A few weeks ago, I got to witness over two dozen people get baptized outside. I overheard someone commenting about what could be swimming around that pond. Since this was in Ohio, alligators were quickly ruled out.

It was a great day of celebration and no one came up with a fish, frog or crawdad attached to an arm!

I drew this for the August 2016 CHOG News.

Beach Tastee Freeze

Illustration of a boy on a beach with a slushie drink.

When I thought of Illustration Friday’s word, “freeze,” I thought of one of my favorite summer treats. Whether you for for Tasty Freeze™, slushies, Slurpees, shaved ice, Italian Ice, Mr Freeze™, snow cone, or any other type or brand, They are just the right treat when you’re on a hot beach!

I drew this using Adobe Ideas for the iPad, then Adobe Illustrator.

New Bored Record

Cartoon of two boys watching TV. One boy says,”We’ve been on summer break for five minutes. I’m bored.”

I’ll get back to the tutorial soon, but I just had to add another cartoon to the mix. It’s just now summer break for kids in my area. I remember the days when I was bored out of my skull during the first few days of summer break. After all, there were only three or four channels to watch. We have more channels today, but the kids still have to suffer with nothing good to watch on TV. Come to think of if, when WAS there something good to watch of TV?

Roughing It

Cartoon of two boys. One says, “I’m signing up for church camp even if they do rought it there. Did you know they don’t even have wifi?”

This cartoon is in the March/April, 2011 issue of K! Magazine. This issued focuses on summer and missions. They’re talking VBS, camps and all-around summer fun!