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Cartoon: She Loves Chocolates

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Cartoon: She Loves Chocolates

Spear 2752 Cartoon: She Loves Chocolates

Cartoon of a man talking to another while a box of Valentine chocolates hurls towards them. The man says, “When she sees my Valentine gift to her, she’ll forget our fight. She can’t resist chocolate!”

I can’t recall this actually happening to me, though I probably deserved it more than once. I am thankful for my valentine of twenty-six years. I promise not to start a fight today, or in the near future… if I can help it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Water Balloon Burst

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Water Balloon Burst

Spear 3882 Water Balloon Burst

Illustration of a boy about to be hit with a water balloon. I began this in Adobe Ideas, then finished it in Adobe Illustrator

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “burst.”

Standardized Tests

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Standardized Tests

Spear 3864 Standardized Tests

Cartoon of two students. One of them is shocked by a test. The other says, “They call them standardized tests becasue being terrified to take them is the standard.”

I used to think I’d be so glad to move on from school because there would be no more tests. Boy was I wrong! There are so many tests you get to take as an adult. There is no grade, just pass-fail. Even so, I’m still terrified of red pens. They give me hives!

Permanent Record

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Permanent Record

Photo on 2012 04 13 at 16.36 Permanent Record

I was thinking about permanent records this afternoon. They may have been out there before, but the Internet has made record keeping so much easier and effective. It’s almost too easy.

I’m not one of those people who fret for the good, old days. Each era has its own triumphs and trials. Sure, the seventies were fun, but you couldn’t make me go back and relive grade school. You couldn’t even bribe me with my permanent record.

It’s a new era, and we must be aware of it. Whatever I do or post, can be out in cyberspace forever, or at least until all the world’s servers give up the ghost. I want to make sure whatever I post will be okay with an older me, or my kids… maybe grandkids. How about you?

Melting snowman

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Melting snowman

Spear 3747 Melting snowmanIllustration of a boy in a winter rain. He discovers the head of a melted snowman.

The other day, the rain was coming down hard and all the snow was melting. The snowmen were looking pretty pathetic. This idea came to mind. I drew this in Adobe Illustrator.