Teaching with a Burning Passion

Cartoon of a teacher and students getting soaked. The caption reads, Mark’s portrayal of “Moses and the burning bush” didn’t agree with the sprinkler system.

This week’s word for Illustration Friday is “burning.”

Scholarly Coupon

Cartoon of a boy and teacher. The boy hands a paper to the teacher and says, “I found this coupon online. It entitles me to a 25% improvement on my grade.”

Well-rounded Student

Cartoon of a teacher and a circle-shaped characterCartoon of a woman and a circle-shaped character. The character says, “€œThank you , Teacher. You’€™ve made me a well-rounded individual.”

School of Love

Cartoon of two teachers

Cartoon of Teacher at blackboard with, “Will you marry me?” written on it. The caption says, “When teachers fall in love…”

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Mopped-up Fun

Cartoon of a janitor and teacher

Cartoon of janitor and teacher. The janitor says, “I always know the preschoolers class had an exciting morning in here when you ask for a mop.”