Can we put away our idols?

Idols show up in the strangest places. An idol can be a beloved sports team, a movie start, musician, even an eletronic device. Where is my iPhone anyway? I have to find it before I hyperventilate!

Any person or object we tend to get obsessed with can be an idol. It can even be an idea. Perhaps you have problems giving up an idea that had run its course thirty years ago. Even churches and the old rituals we hold dear can become idols. Hymnals, Sunday best, bylaws and a tendency to keep doing things the same way can become idol. Change can become an idol, but it is much more likely the opposite, tradition and ritual gets idolized.

Be careful of idols. you may have one in the backyard and not be aware of it.


Traditional Turkey Trot

Cartoon of a wife and husband in a kitchen. The wife says, “We’€™re having a traditional Thanksgiving. Here’€™s a musket. The turkey is in the backyard.”

It’s Thanksgiving week in the USA. Time to figure out how to get that turkey with all the trimmings. I’ve never shot a turkey, nor have I had the privilege of using a musket. I’m hoping we can find the perfect bird at our neighborhood grocer. It’s much tidier that way.