What a Vehicle Breakdown Taught Me About Creativity

Recently, my family moved from Indiana to Arizona. For the first half of the trip, everything seemed to go according to plan. But as we were about to enter the Texas Panhandle, one of our two vans just lost it. Of all things, the power steering pulley broke.

We stayed two days in Shamrock, Texas while we waited for repairs. and we thought everything was fine. Then the same van overheated from Amarillo to Tucumcari, New Mexico. Once again, we found a garage to repair the ailing van. Alas, we limped through Albuquerque until the van gave up the ghost in Grants, New Mexico. It all sounds so simple now. But it was quite an ordeal. And guess what? I know next to nothing about cars!

Besides a great story for Spear family lore, this episode taught me a few things about creativity. Continue reading “What a Vehicle Breakdown Taught Me About Creativity”

Cartoon: Bring your papers

Cartoon of dog in airport. Guard says, “I’m sorry, sir! But even if you are a mongrel, I must see your papers.”

This is a classic cartoon I did back in 1996 for the sixth edition of the “New Rider’s Internet Yellow Pages.”
Security is much more advanced (hopefully) since I penned this cartoon. At least the equipment looks more like something out of Star Trek. I wish they worked like the transporter instead of just beeping angrily at me when I leave my cell phone on my person!

New Rider’s Publishing and me own the copyright to this image. Please do not use without permission.

Balloon Carrier

Illustration of a woman holding a toy balloon. The balloon is lifting her a few inches off the ground

Illustration of a woman holding a toy balloon. The balloon is lifting her a few inches off the ground.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “carry.” It reminded me of an older cartoon I drew. The caption mentioned being on a diet. I thought it worked just fine without the caption. After all, since the word is “carry,” let the balloon be the star on this one!

I began this sketch in Adobe Ideas. I am experimenting with drawing on my iPad.

Call of the Wild

Cartoon of a woman entering a house and seeing her sloppily dressed significan other. She says, “Boy! I only have to be gone a few days for you to revert back to the wild!”

Here’s a rough right out of my sketchbook

My wife and son come back from an extended trip today. I’m hoping she doesn’t think I converted the house to a hermit’s hut. At least I’ve put away my buffalo cap and bermuda shorts. That should help tidy up the place.

Travel Restrictions

Cartoon of Joseph and the Magi. One wise man says, “Sorry we’re late. Magi have the worst time getting through airport security.”

If United States citizens think going through airport security here is tough, I can just imagine what Roman security would have been like. I’m still glad I live in this century.