Gifted and Talented in Children’s Ministry

cartoon of a mother trying to put her son in a gifted and talented programCartoon of a mom saying, “My Billy is very talented for his age. Does your children’s ministry have a gifted and talented class?

Here’s to all the high performing, type A parents that want their kids to excel. I haven’t heard of a gifted and talented program at a church. If you have, let me know. Would midweek programming be considered gifted and talented? I think every kid is gifted and talented according to Ephesians 2:10!

I drew this for Kidzmatter Magazine.

How a book can give wisdom

Cartoon of a dad and a boy with a broken window

Cartoon of a boy with a baseball bat and a broken window. An angry dad says, “That was NOT a wise choice, young man! Go inside and read Proverbs!”

I drew this old cartoon when I was thinking how I would need to discipline my newborn son. I believe he had to go to his rooms a few times, though I don’t remember if I specifically told him to read out of Proverbs!

When it comes to books in the Bible, Proverbs is unique.  There are no stories. It is a book of wise sayings that will keep you from big trouble if you follow its advice.

But reading Proverbs or any book does little good if you don’t put it into practice.  I have read many a book with great advice that I have never put into practice. The danger in that is you can feel you have accomplished something without really doing it. It’s all the satisfaction without the hard work!

My goal today is to actually put into practice what I’ve read today. Now where is that Bible?

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What to Do?

Illustration of man with shrugging expression

Don’t you wish life really was like any blog or article that spews advice? Lately, top ten lists have been all the rage. Someone touts, “Here are the top ten things you need to do to get your kids to become little angels!”

I love watching parents at their kids’ games. You’ll hear someone shout, “Kick the ball, Dylan!” I have to giggle and wonder if the kid is thinking, “Well if it was that easy, Mom, don’t you think I would’ve done it by now?” It’s easier for the advisor to advise than for the advisee to follow the advice.

It’s too easy to spout advice. I am very guilty of that. But I must remember each bit of advice I give has to be tempered with grace and mercy. It’s easy to give parenting advice when you don’t really have to deal with the kid. It is sanctimonious for me to lecture a parent on how to handle a hyper, ADHD child when neither of my kids showed those symptoms.

Yes, I’ve learned doing the right think is neither easy nor simple as spouting advice.