Caroling for Bonuses

Cartoon of a group of Christmas carolers. They’re singing, “€œDeck the Halls With fiscal Slowness, fa-la-la-la-la-a-a, La-la-la-la! Please give us our Year End Bonus…”

I originally drew this a dozen years ago during another economic slow-down. These things happen in cycles.

In, Out and Saved

Cartoon of a pastor's office

Cartoon of a pastor at a desk. His inboxes are labeled, In, Out and Saved.

I drew this for the September, 2010 edition of the Church of God newsletter.

Tour of Diaper Duty

Cartoon of two teen girls

Cartoon of two teen girls. One says, “I’m babysitting the Davis’ kid. If I’m not back by Saturday, come after me.”

Making Lemonade

Cartoon of a boy at a lemonade stand and a girl.

Cartoon of a boy at a lemonade stand and a girl. The girl says, “How’s your customer service?”

Cartoon: Moses’ Newsletter

Cartoon of Moses and the Ten Commandments with office worker

Cartoon of a Bible story office worker and Moses with the Ten Commandments. Moses says, “I want you to scan these and put them in the next newsletter.”

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