The Power of Preschoolers

cartoon of two men going over building plansThis cartoon has two men looking at plans. One says, “The new Education Wing will utilize renewable energy by tapping into the power of preschoolers.”

I love the energy of preschoolers! I believe some of their energy comes from the excitement they feel when they are discovering new things. When the whole world is yours to discover, it naturally gives a little energy boost. 

This morning, I think I’ll talk with a preschooler and look at the world through his eyes. It’s pretty amazing to see things new again. It may give me an energy boost!

How to keep up with the trends cartoon

cartoon of two people watching an older man speed by on a skateboard

Copyright ©Kevin Spear and K! Magazine


Cartoon of two people see a man speed by on a skateboard. One says, “Well, that’s one way to keep pace with trends!”

I drew this cartoon for K! Magazine.

Too Young, Too Old

Cartoon of older man and boy

Cartoon of older man and boy. The man says, “Just wait until you’re my age and you forget what it’s like to be your age!” Continue reading “Too Young, Too Old”