Why Hemingway Beats Hype Marketing – The Mention Blog

This blog post is a good reminder hype marketing doesn’t work. You may hook someone once, but you lose their trust in the end. It is better to underpromise and overdeliver than to make outlandish claims.

Hype marketing doesn’t work anymore, so you can stop writing your clickbait headlines now. Instead, take inspiration from Hemingway’s style.

Source: Why Hemingway Beats Hype Marketing – The Mention Blog

Yes, Change is Hard – Inc. Magazine Article

4 o'clock shift at the Ford Motor Company
4 o’clock shift at the Ford Motor Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning, I read this Inc. Article on making change happen within a company.

Change Is Hard: 8 Great Ways to Make Sure You’re Constantly Evolving – Inc.

I have witnessed how hard change is at a newer as well as older company. And I have also had the privilege working for a company where change was the only thing constant. All the companies I’ve worked for wanted change but discovered pushback from customers as well as employees. It is ironic that the very change that will benefit customers can be rejected by those same consumers.

Whether you are a leader or follower, change is vital for companies and people to thrive. As the article says, it begins with you. It also takes lots of clear communication to explain why the change is needed and how it will benefit stakeholders in the long run.

One thing the article touched on was how the messy middle affects change. We talked about that in one of my MBA classes. A change initiative feels exciting in the beginning. But when you are in the middle of the change, it is so tempting to go back to the old ways. It takes a lot of determination, self-examination, and clear communication to make change happen.

Social Media is NOT one-way communication 

An Inc. Magazine video struck a chord with me. It is a video interview with Shabnam Mogharabi of Soul Pancake.

Why Social Media Is Not a One-Way Street for Brands – Inc.

Time and time again, I have seen companies that believe they have something important to say and focus on getting their message out there. It is one-way communication. It is a broadcast approach. It is what advertising has traditionally been. Continue reading “Social Media is NOT one-way communication “

2/11/16 – DISCovering Your Unique Value – Career Connectors

Cartoon of a woman saying to a man, “Your DISC Assessment came back. Your so unique, your classified as a square.”

On February 11, 2016, I blogged for the Scottsdale Career Connectors event. Sandi Ashton (with Optimizing Excellence) spoke on using your DISC assessment personality profile can help you in a job search and your personal life. Continue reading “2/11/16 — DISCovering Your Unique Value — Career Connectors”

Guest Post | Career Connectors

On Wednesday, I had the privilege to write a blog recap on the Phoenix Area Career Connectors site.

Source: 10-27-15—The Work Before the Work

Pamela Heward was the keynote speaker. She did a great job talking about the personal development we need to do and assumptions we must let go of when in a career transition.

The presentation was also great for anyone starting their own business needing  to let go of assumptions that hold them back.

There is also some information on Phoenix area employers and resources for job hunters. Enjoy!