40 Reasons Why I Write

I read a Positive Writers blog post on posting 40 reasons why I write. I haven’t written a blog post for a while, so this got me thinking about my motivation. I decided this is a great way to restart my writing.

So here are the first 40 reasons why I write:

  1. It captures all the many thoughts swirling in my mind.
  2. Because if I had a choice between math and writing, the writing would easily win.
  3. If I don’t say it, who will?
  4. It complements my drawings like a nice fashion ensemble.
  5. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I want both!
  6. It is like a time capsule. My past writing reminds me what I was thinking then.
  7. It is the best brainstorming tool
  8. Because in the beginning was The Word.
  9. Because there are not enough puns in the world.
  10. It does pay.
  11. Because using your computer to play Angry Birds can only take you so far.
  12. I am proving to my art professor that typewriting class in college was not a waste of my time.
  13. It has allowed me to communicate with people across the globe.
  14. The world needs more encouraging words (and a few doodles).
  15. Because 26 letters are begging to be used.
  16. My drawings have cried out for captions.
  17. Sure you can use video, but you still have to say something!
  18. A finely tuned phrase is as much a work of art as a painting at The Louvre.
  19. Writing is crystallized thought. I like crystals.
  20. It brings light to darkness.
  21. Stories make our life so much fuller.
  22. When someone thanks you for what you wrote, It’s as if the heavens opened.
  23. Because one voice, one article and one book can make a difference.
  24. Silence may be golden, but reading in silence is priceless.
  25. Because every time I look at a book shelf, I see a space that needs to be filled.
  26. Somebody needs to balance SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with RPO (Real People Optimized).
  27. A new generation of kids need a new generation of stories.
  28. Limericks are begging for new content.
  29. Because good news is out there and needs to be written up.
  30. Because if it meant something to me, it may mean something to someone else.
  31. Because Charles Schulz and Doctor Seuss had a lasting impact on me.
  32. Because I love to tell the story. Twill be my theme in glory.
  33. Because there is nothing sadder than an old photo with people nobody knows because nobody originally thought to write who they were.
  34. Writing grounds me in the past and enables me to look into the future.
  35. Because I’d like to think that one day, my future great-grandchild can read what I wrote.
  36. It brings order to a chaotic world.
  37. Because without a [written] vision, the people perish.
  38. Because if I write it, I am accountable to live it.
  39. If I can make a stranger laugh and think, I have won a friend.
  40. Because a blog without recent content, is a bit let down.

Wow! There’s forty reasons. I have plenty of reasons to keep writing.

Author: Kevin Spear

I am a marketing professional with a design flair, based in Clayton, Ohio. I specialize in digital and content marketing that increases brand awareness for small businesses and nonprofits.

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