Writing Practice: A Young Prodigy publishes a novel

I am trying something different this morning, thanks to The Write Practice Blog.  Today’s prompt is “A young prodigy has just published his first novel. Write a scene describing how he is handling his new fame and fortune.” So here it goes:

He couldn’t believe it was over. Everything he worked for had now come to this. A fifteen, Ryan had just accomplished the one goal he had since he was old enough to pick up a pen.

“It’s real.” he whispered. “It’s real. Now what?” Ryan checked his stats on Amazon for the fifth time that day. Now he was up to number 3,257,427. Wow! it went up another notch! Now he was in the top 3.5 million!

He searched the room for his cell phone. No new messages. He checked the bars on the phone. At least it looked like there was a good signal. He wondered where were the groupies.

“Well, the only thing to do is to take matters into my own hands,” he said. He Googled the number for the nearest elementary school and called them.

“Hi, I’m Ryan and I am a famous, local teen who has just written a novel about a… okay. I’ll hold.” He waited for ten minutes. The administrative professional came back on the phone.

“Hi, I’m Ryan and I am a famous… okay. Who is the school librarian? Can I talk to her?” He was put on hold again.

“This is crazy,” he said to himself. “How can anybody become famous when they can’t even get a direct line to the school librarian?”

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