More Jelly Beans Prayer

cartoon of a mom and boy with jelly bean basket. The boy says, "I had a jelly bean prayer that you would buy more jelly beans."
I love jelly beans. There! I’ve said it! I loved them ever since I bit into my first licorice jelly bean. They gave me great satisfaction because I soon learned many kids didn’t like them. So I would happily collect all the black licorice jelly beans while my classmates would gladly hand them over.

There are several versions of The Jelly Bean Prayer out there. I’ve worked on a few Jelly Bean Prayer activity books over the years. Each time I was in the middle of designing one, I thought about praying for more of those wonderful, corn syrupy treats. Inevitably, my dreams came through at the local Kroger. 

Have a happy Easter!

Author: Kevin Spear

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