Tribute to Church Sound Technicians

Cartoon of a speaker and a frazzled guy. The frazzled guy says, "You really have to to do something about the sound!"They are the people nobody notices until something is going wrong. When the back row can hear the speaker, everybody focuses up front. But when the sound is distorted. Indignant glares come from various audiences members towards the poor, embattled sound technician.

Just this week, I gave the sound technician a challenge. Our Vacation Bible school theme was Gadgets and Gizmos. I suddenly had the “bright” idea to distort my voice and make it sound robotic. My friend suddenly had a challenge with five minutes before start time. He valiantly tried to make the sound effect reality when the sound system had some feedback. I never thought kindergartners knew where the sound booth was and who to glare at. Their grandparents must have coached them in the finer methods of sound critique. Talk about pressure!

So hats off to sound techs that make the impossible possible by making speakers like me sound better than they really are!

I drew this for the June 2017 Church of God e-newsletter.

Author: Kevin Spear

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