His whole life flashed before his screen

Cartoon of a man staring at a computer screen

We make all sorts of decisions each day. Throughout the day, I’m tempted to spend my time in front of a screen. Whether it’s a television, computer screen or a mobile phone, it can get so easy to get lost in a glowing rectangle.

Sometimes, I can justify it because I am working. Other times,  I wonder where the time went. That glowing rectangle can sure hypnotize me!

Then I remember my time is so limited on this planet. My kids have grown. Did I spend too much time in front of a screen when I should have been in front of them?

Time is short. Teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom.  Our time is short. Make sure most of it isn’t in front of a glowing rectangle!


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Cartoon: Hacking Pet

Cartoon of a boy scolding a dog on a computer

Cartoon of a boy scolding his talented dog. The caption reads, “Skippy! Bad dog! There is no hacking in this house!”

I’ve come to the conclusion a dog’s main talent is hacking. My dog is a good hacker. She isn’t a computer hacker, but she is a very vocal hacker nonetheless.

When I heard Illustration Friday’s word was “talent, I thought of my talented dog.

Administrative Professionals Day

Cartoon of a man giving his computer flowersCartoon of a man talking to a woman about his computer. He says, “It’s Administrative Professionals Day. So I got my computer some flowers.”

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Computing in the clouds

Cartoon of two angels with computers

Cartoon of two angels in clouds. One angel says, “I’m glad they introduced cloud computing up here.” Continue reading “Computing in the clouds”

Spear Cartoon 3365

Cartoon of a son asking his dad a question

Cartoon of boy asking Dad, “On what day did God create the Internet?”

I read an article from “Christian Computing Magazine.” It was talking about cloud computing and how it’s coming faster than anyone would have anticipated.

Jim VanDuzer, the author, talked about how netbooks and iPhones are totally changing the way we use computers. it reminded me of a problem we had at my church the other week. I normally use the Internet for portions of my lesson and accessing files from my MobileMe account. IT changed the setup so there was no longer a password needed to get onto the wireless.

The only problem was, I couldn’t get on at all. It seemed all the smartphones were hogging the connection. Whether people were using the wi-fi or not, the phones aggressively accessed the wi-fi nonetheless.

It amazes me how pervasive technology has become in our church in such a small amount of time. How has technology affected how your church works?