Breakfast Cereal and Adventure 

I heard a few months ago that Millenials aren’t eating as much breakfast cereal as previous generations because it takes too much time to prepare.

Judging by cereal commercials, I think it is because cereal causes too much adventure. It gives us too much get-up-and-go. It makes us do crazy things like skateboard, try out for the dodgeball team or hike Pikes Peak with nothing more than milk and cereal for provisions. Continue reading “Breakfast Cereal and Adventure “

Why the little things get us riled up

Cartoon of a guy eating a sub sandwich at church

Cartoon of a guy eating a sub sandwich in a church pew while a disapproving elderly woman looks on. the caption reads, “It all began when they allowed coffee in the sanctuary…”

I thought of this idea when I saw a lively forum discussion about allowing or refusing coffee in a church’s sanctuary.  Some were vehemently opposed to such nonsense. Others were insistent that all parts of the church should be welcoming and as long as it wasn’t a distraction, why not?

Personally,  I bring my coffee with me into the sanctuary. There was a time this was a no-no in our church. But we let go of that controversy years ago. I haven’t seen anybody bring a full meal into the sanctuary.

When I was younger, I thought of having a pizza delivered into the sanctuary (That would have been a major faux pas then). Hey! if it’s good for the youth group, it would be good for the rest of the church, right? Fortunately, young love and marriage kept me from such foolishness before I had the money to try such a stunt.

It does amaze me how little things like this can get people worked up. We focus on these little irritations because it is so much more difficult to focus on the difficult issues. It’s much more difficult to love your neighbor than to have an opinion on coffee/church etiquette.

I drew this for the February, 2014, Church of God E-newsletter.

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Can You be Popular?

Cartoon of a girl with a can of tuna. She is surrounded by cats. The girl says, “Popularity is easy. All you need is a can of tuna.”

How can someone be popular? Why is it some people always have a flock of admiring fans around them? Some people have charisma. Others have money, skills and a winning smile that seem to flock people around them like cats to a can of tuna. I can’t control whether I get the red carpet treatment, but there are a few things that I’ve learned will help.

Be Generous

It doesn’t matter if you have much or a little. I’ve seen rich people who were selfish and poor people who were generous. Guess which ones were more popular? Generosity with your time, resources and compliments always bring people your way.

Smile a little

So often, I forget to smile. Yet when I do that simple thing, it’s amazing how people react to it. It’s another thing to be generous with. We all search for a pleasant look and a friendly face.

Forget About It!

Whenever I’ve fretted over what people thought of me, I’ve made myself so nervous I didn’t want to be around me! It’s one of those paradoxes of life. If I fret about being popular, I turn people away. When you relax and just be yourself, people will begin to relax around you too.

I drew this cartoon for Illustration Friday. This week’s theme is “popularity.”

Ice Cream Dreams


Cartoon of  a mom and a boy at a sundae. The boy says, “€œYou just made all my dreams come true!”

What is it about food that says, “love?” I guess our very survival depends on food. When someone goes out of the way to give an extra-special treat, we get all ga-ga, especially if it’s our favorite.  May you receive a special treat today, even as you give someone a treat.

Desert Desserts

Cartoon of two children with a strange dessertCartoon of two kids staring at a strange desert. A girl says, “I can never remember if it’s ‘dessert’ or ‘desert.’ At least this way, we’re covered.”

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “dessert.”