That Old Football Injury

Cartoon of two guys. One has a football shaped bump on his arm. He says, "That? Oh, it's an old football injury."I’ve heard so many guys complain of football injuries, I’m starting to question if they really played football in high school. I don’t remember every single guy but me being on the football team. Come to think of it, high school is really big in my hometown. Maybe I was the only guy who didn’t play football in my town after all.

Does backyard football count? I suppose it does if you have an injury to go with it.

Ready for Black Friday?


Cartoon of a boy with a football helmet. He says to his mom, “I’m ready to hit the Black Friday sales with you.
I was watching some football and was assaulted by all the Black Friday ads. I’m not sure which game is rougher: the tackling or the shopping. Be safe out there, warriors!