Cartoon: Ruined Childhood

Cartoon of a boy yelling about homework

Cartoon of a boy yelling, “Math, reading, writing…all this homework is ruining my childhood!”

I imagine I’ll be yelling something similar when I do my income taxes. Why can’t we all just leave our work, go out and play? Because it’s February, that’s why. Have you seen how cold it is out there? Might as well buckle down and get the work done!

Risk and Insurance

Cartoon of  a boy and a teacher. The boy says, “That was due today? Seriously? I need help.Where can I get some homework insurance?”

A Fair Fare

Cartoon of a boy and a man with a letter

Cartoon of a boy and a dad with a letter. The boy says, “It seems only fair. If I have to do homework, you have to report for jury duty.”