5 ways to Find Serendipity

Photo of desert brush and a portion of a rainbow in the clouds

There are some surprises that aren’t pleasant. Then there are surprises that make you want to jump for joy. That’s serendipity. It’s one of those words that sounds like its meaning. It’s a happy surprise or joyous discovery. Who wouldn’t want that kind of surprise?

I took the photo above when I was running one morning. It is a sliver of a rainbow. It just said serendipity to me. Here are five ways I’ve found happy surprises during my day.

  1. Get out early. I didn’t want to get up early that morning. Who does? I’ve learned instead of dwelling on why I want to stay in bed and get some sleep, I focus on the benefits of rising early. It’s cooler in the morning. There are fewer people to dodge and maneuver around. Good things happen when you don’t delay.
  2. Try something different. This wasn’t my regular jogging path. I decided to try a different route. It’s quite possible I wouldn’t have seen the rainbow if I was going another direction.
  3. Be prepared. I wouldn’t have been able to share this photo if I didn’t have my phone with me. I always have something to take a note or photo with. Whether it’s my mobile phone or a notepad, it’s a good policy to be prepared to make a record of what you’ve discovered.
  4. Look around! I wonder how many things I miss because I’m busy? I’m glad I saw this view because it was worth it. But if I was busy working or driving, I would have missed it. I wonder how many people were in my vicinity that didn’t see this morning treat?
  5. Share it! I’m glad I was able to share this part of my day. I realize there are so many thoughts, discoveries and ideas that never get shared. How many brilliant ideas went to the grave with the person that thought of it? If I see some beauty, I’m sharing it. When I share an idea, I leave room for more ideas and discoveries.

I hope you have a serendipitous moment today. If so, please embrace it and share it.

Author: Kevin Spear

I am a marketing professional with a design flair, based in Clayton, Ohio. I specialize in digital and content marketing that increases brand awareness for small businesses and nonprofits.