Angry Opinions

The world is awash in opinions. If you turn on a news show, or take a glance at Facebook, you’ll get plenty of opinions. I have learned over the years if it is difficult to get an opinion across, getting angrier about it doesn’t get your point across. It’s like speaking louder to someone that doesn’t understand your language.

Passion in an argument is good. A well-reasoned, thoughtful opinion is better. And I may be biased, but gentle, genial humor with an opinion is best.

12 Keys to helping your child deal with anger

Spear Cartoon 3775Temperament is something you see very early in a child. Some kids are laid back and go with the flow. Others seem born angry. Whether they are a Type A personality, or are easily frustrated, they need help in learning how to deal with anger.  Here are ten ways you can help your child with anger issues.

  1. Consider your child’s age. Helping a two-year old deal with anger is far different from helping your elementary child.
  2. A toddler may be overwhelmed and overstimulated. You may need to remove her from the situation.
  3. An elementary child may need to discuss his anger issues and need help finding constructive ways to vent.
  4. DO NOT ignore the situation. Pretending a child isn’t angry may only make her angrier
  5. DO NOT teach your child to deny (bottle-up) her feelings. Stuffing anger only causes it to come out in unproductive ways later.
  6. Look for triggers. Is there some situation that causes the child to become angry? Talk about it with your child.
  7. Acknowledge with your child anger is a normal reaction to something. We all face disappointments. We all face people who just seem to know how to get under our skin.
  8. If the anger is directed at a sibling, separate the two, then come back to mediate the situation. Allow each child to express their anger with words. Make sure the children talk about the offense and not about the other sibling’s personality or flaws.
  9. If the angry child causes destruction, use it as an opportunity to make amends. The child needs to know destructive anger has consequences.
  10. If a child destroys property, have them work to pay back the destroyed property.
  11. If a child hurts another person, take away privileges until they child feels remorse. A forced apology isn’t a real apology.
  12. When you feel angry about something, discuss it with your child. Let them know how you feel and how you are coping with it. Focus on your feelings and not on the offender.

Above all, if you’re angry over a child’s anger, that is not the time to correct his behavior. Give both of you some time to cool off before you correct him. Whether you’re a child or an adult, anger can cause you to make decisions you may later regret.


How to start your commute off wrong

Sketch of a woman threatening to sue all the commuter traffic

Sketch of a driving woman. The caption says, “I’d like to sue the entire city for reckless driving!”

I just have time for a quick sketch today. You know, there’s that commute I need to barge into the middle of!

I was thinking about two of my coworkers who are now telecommuting instead of facing the drive to and from work each day. That lucky guy and gal get to stay in their homes while the rest of us find out how bad the rest of the county drives. I just hope the woman in the sketch isn’t talking about me as well!

Cartoon: Do My Bidding

Cartoon of an angry, selfish boy

Cartoon of two boys. One is angry and says, “I’m mad! Why can’t the world do my bidding?”

Nobody like selfish people, do we? Of course, if we’re honest, we don’t like selfish people because we want to be the selfish person. All of us want to be king of the world and have everyone do their bidding.

There are seven billion potential dictators in the world, and I am just as selfish as the rest of them. There! I said it! confession is good for the soul, this morning.  Continue reading “Cartoon: Do My Bidding”

Cartoon: Angry Old Birds

Cartoon of a boy and grandfather watching TV

Cartoon of a boy watching television with his grandfather. The boy says, “I bet you would be a happier person if you watched more cartoons.”

I’m a news junkie, but I have to watch myself. If I’m not too careful, I can get a bad attitude quickly. Let’s face it, TV news loves to find all the “Man bites dog” stories. When things get bad, I have to find a channel with some animated cartoons, and fast!