The Simple Things For a birthday

Cartoon of a guy with a balloon. A woman says, "If I knew that’s all it took to give you a happy birthday, I wouldn’t have ordered the mariachi band.”

It’s the simple things that make a birthday the best. Whether it’s a balloon, cake or noisemakers, it doesn’t take much to get a celebration going. It’s the little, frivolous things that make a celebration fun. Continue reading “The Simple Things For a birthday”

Happy 18th Birthday to my daughter

Mariah birth announcementEighteen years ago, I drew a birth announcement. It was very risky since a cartoon version of a family member can come back to haunt you.
And that is exactly what happened last week! My mother-in-law printed some pictures to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. One of the prints was the birth announcement I drew to announce the big day. My daughter appeared amused. I had to clarify that no cartoon could ever be as cute as the real thing. To prove it, here is a photo of the two of us. We both looked much younger then than now!

Dad-Maria1996Heaven knows I’ve made my share of mistakes with my kids. Drawing cartoon versions of them is probably one of the least mistakes I’ve made. One of the worse mistakes was when I struggled between getting my freelance work done and spending time with my kids. As much as I loved illustrating for books and magazines,  it all seems to trivial now compared to the time I had with my them.

My dear daughter, you are now a young lady. You have brightened my world. And I have cherished every moment with you. Happy eighteenth birthday!

How to give your wife a happy birthday

Cartoon of a sick woman asking a man to sign a contract

Cartoon of an ill woman with a contract. She says to a man, “Please sign this agreement that you will never again bake me a birthday cake.”

Maybe it’s the thought that counts, but if you know you’re a lousy baker, let the professionals do the work. After all, you will need to eat the cake too!

Greeting Card: Happy Birthday, Braxton!

Birthday Card

Our neighbor’s son had his first year birthday. My wife asked me to make a card for him. I drew this in Micron Pens and Prismacolor Pencils on Strathmore Drawing Cards stock.

I picked up the stock at Hobby Lobby the other day. The paper companies are making it very easy to make your own cards now.

I could have drawn it on the computer in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. After all, I did that the other day at work. But once in a while, it just feels good to feel the paper and work with the texture and get a little loose.

One thing I like about this stock is it’s too thick to use on my light table. I couldn’t sketch out my idea on a separate piece of paper and trace it. Instead, I sketched it in pencil, then erased before I began inking. I wanted the pencil to be just visible enough so I could use it as a guide.

Happy birthday, Braxton! And may you have many more to come!

Adverse Birthday

Cartoon of two boys at a bus stopCartoon of  two boys at a bus stop. One boy says, “I can’t believe the first day of school is on my birthday. This could have an adverse impact.” Continue reading “Adverse Birthday”