It’s Catching

Cartoon of a mom and a sick child in a doctor’s office. The doctor, child and mother all have spots on their skin. The doctor says, “Well whateve he has, it’s contagious.”

Caged for the Vet

Cartoon of dog in a cage and a cat

Cartoon of a dog in a crate and a cat. The cat says, “Tsk! This has ‘Vet’ written all over it.”

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This weeks word is “caged.”

Veterinarian Hazards

Cartoon of a boy with a piranha

Cartoon of a boy with with a fish bowl. He says, “The problem with having a piranha is it’s hard to find a willing veterinarian.”

No Cat Scans

Cartoon of man in doctor's office.Cartoon of doctor and man in a doctor’s office. The man says, “I hate cats! I want a dog scan.” Continue reading “No Cat Scans”