The Most Important Marketing Message Ever!

Two note cards. One says, "You are beautiful!" The other says, "You are smart!"
Not the actual notecards (After all, I thought the little girl should keep her affirming notes from her parents).

The other day, I was a substitute teacher and had lunch duty. A little kindergartener raised her hand and I came over to her. She had two notes in her lunch bag. She asked me to read them. One said, “You are beautiful!” The other said, “You are smart!” The little girl beamed as I said, “Two very true statements!” Continue reading “The Most Important Marketing Message Ever!”

We Grow Media – Dan Blank » What We Leave Behind – The Real Meaning of Your Platform as a Writer

Dan Blank has a post on building a writing platform.

We Grow Media – Dan Blank » What We Leave Behind – The Real Meaning of Your Platform as a Writer.

The photograph he uses makes an effective point. What changed in seventy years since the first photo was taken? A lot, or did it?

This got me thinking about a business man I knew who passed away recently. He was a great guy and the picture of health. Yet he passed away at age 74 from surgery complications. It wasn’t even a life-threatening procedure. One minute he was here, the next, he was gone.

He will be remembered not for his business accomplishments, but for what a nice guy he was. He always had a smile. He was encouraging and a man of common sense. You could rely on his advice.

His Facebook profile is quiet now. Not many people will remember him for his Facebook account or for past business deals. What he will be remembered for was how he was a man of encouragement and integrity.

As I write and illustrate today, I’ll be thinking about Dan’s post and my friend. What will I do today that will build a legacy?