Fairs and Community

Last week, I got to go to The Great Darke County Fair in Greenville, Ohio. This year was the 160th running. I began going over twenty-five years ago when I began dating my wife. I learned very early on this was an event everyone in the county looked forward to each year.

As I was pondering what made the fair great, I observed the Italian sausage, elephant ear and walking taco stands. I listened to a barker exclaiming how easy it was to win a giant stuffed bear for my sweetheart. I sniffed the scents of each animal barn. Nothing much had changed over the years. While they sights, sounds and smells were fine, they weren’t great. What was it? Continue reading “Fairs and Community”

Who Has Been Here Before?

Marker in Greenville, Ohio for Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa
As I was jogging this morning, I came across this marker. I have driven by it dozens of times before. It’s on the same road my wife’s parents have lived for over twenty years. Yet, this morning was the first time I read the marker.  Continue reading “Who Has Been Here Before?”