Career Connectors | Business Cards, Evernote & LinkedIn, Oh My!

In September 2016, I wrote a blog post for Phoenix-based Career Connectors. It covered two of my favorite subjects; Evernote and LinkedIn.

Business Cards, Evernote & LinkedIn, Oh My!

In my job search, I found both of these to be valuable for keeping track of new contacts, as well as networking efforts. Evernote has made a great effort to make the best use of scanned documents and business cards. Even if you aren’t currently job searching, you will find this article helpful.

Guest Post | Career Connectors

On Wednesday, I had the privilege to write a blog recap on the Phoenix Area Career Connectors site.

Source: 10-27-15—The Work Before the Work

Pamela Heward was the keynote speaker. She did a great job talking about the personal development we need to do and assumptions we must let go of when in a career transition.

The presentation was also great for anyone starting their own business needing  to let go of assumptions that hold them back.

There is also some information on Phoenix area employers and resources for job hunters. Enjoy!