Laugh Lines

Caption reads: “Come on, Mrs. Podgummer! Laugh! It’ll be good for your wrinkles.”

Why is it the people who need to laugh the most are the ones who find it hardest to laugh? Prim and proper just doesn’t seem all that fun to me.

Laughter is a good face lift. So laugh today!

A true friend

Caption reads: “Only a true friend would let you know you have a duck on your head.”

A real friend is one who let’s you know if you have food on your face instead of letting you proudly wear it all day. That’s right, a friend will tell you when you are looking like a goober. They’ll say, “Excuse me, emperor, but you are wearing no clothes.”

We all need a friend like that. Considering how sloppy I can be, I’m glad I have friends like that. It saves on self-inflicted humiliation!

Gold ring in a pig’s snout

Caption reads: “I don’t get it. I thought the jewelry would get me tons of dates.”

Proverbs 11:20 paints a picture. This is what it says:

A beautiful woman who has no sense is like a gold

ring in a pig’s nose. Proverbs 11:20 (NIrV)

Someone can seem quite attractive until you get close and realize that is all they think about. It is far better to have a beauty from the inside out, isn’t it? It seems like I’m stating the obvious but our celebrity culture sure doesn’t get it.

This morning, the comic strip, “Non Sequitur” by Wiley had a good take on the similar subject of celebrity worship.

Burning Anger

Caption reads: “I can’t stand your patience! It burns me up! Put up your dukes!”

Anger is a scary emotion because it has so much power and can get out of control before we know it. A patient man calms things down. Looks like the guy on the right is so determined to be angry that he is going to start his fight anyway. That’s what happens when you burn with anger.

Kindness Works

Caption reads: “Why thank you for bringing me my newspaper. You are just in time for some fresh-baked cookies.”

Does the boy have ulterior motives or is he just a kind soul who gets rewarded? Who knows. Motives aren’t always easy to figure out. All I know is I’ve been rewarded more for kindness than selfishness in my lifetime.

It’s one of those funny paradoxes. The more selfish we are, the more miserable we become. The more generous and kind we are, the more we get rewarded. Let’s go do a kind deed today-whether we are rewarded or not. Of course, I can be bribed with cookies too.