Beach Tastee Freeze

Illustration of a boy on a beach with a slushie drink.

When I thought of Illustration Friday’s word, “freeze,” I thought of one of my favorite summer treats. Whether you for for Tasty Freeze™, slushies, Slurpees, shaved ice, Italian Ice, Mr Freeze™, snow cone, or any other type or brand, They are just the right treat when you’re on a hot beach!

I drew this using Adobe Ideas for the iPad, then Adobe Illustrator.

Beach Oracle

I drew this about twelve years ago at the beach. I wonder now what this boy was thinking as he was staring at the shell and if he ever got his questions answered.

Most adults look at kids and think they have a carefree existence where everything is better than anything an adult could be going through. But as a teacher, I’ve seen experience some tough situations. School and family can be enough to drive anyone crazy, let alone a nine year-old!

Kids need some time to decompress and de-stress too. In the USA, we’re about to enter a holiday weekend. Take some time to relax, and give your kids a chance to do so as well.

Boy stares thoughtfully at a sea shell

In the Meadow, We Can Save a Snowman

Cartoon of man and a snowman. The snowman says, “I’d like to get saved. There’€™s just one problem–I’€™m terrified of getting baptized.”€

I can just imagine where snow-people would lean on the sprinkle-full immersion theological debate. They’d go for the sprinkling. They couldn’t help being hydrophobic. Water hazard would mean something entirely different to the snow folk.

A Deep School

Cartoon of of a sign at the bottom of an ocean. The sign has fish on it at simply says, “school.”