Illustration Friday: Sail/ Drawing a day #17

Spear_3460 Drawing a Day 17

Cartoon of man and woman in a sailboat. Woman says, “So this is the luxury cruise you promised me?”

Once again, I’m combining a drawing a day with Illustration Friday. It gave me a good chance to get a sailing scene drawn out.

Post Vacation Stress

Cartoon of a boy and girl
Caption reads: “I’m suffering from PVSD: Post Vacation Stress Disorder.”

Whew! I’m not looking forward to waking the kids this morning. The well-oiled machine will squeaky this morning. It was hard enough getting everyone to bed last night. Our biological clocks think it is still vacation. Oh, Florida! How we miss ye!

It was a great time for the family. Now back to reality!

Burning Anger

Caption reads: “I can’t stand your patience! It burns me up! Put up your dukes!”

Anger is a scary emotion because it has so much power and can get out of control before we know it. A patient man calms things down. Looks like the guy on the right is so determined to be angry that he is going to start his fight anyway. That’s what happens when you burn with anger.

Christmas Lights

Cartoon of boy hanging Christmas lightsCartoon of boy hanging by gutter. He says, “Get Dad! Tell him I’m sorry I started putting up Christmas lights without him and I could really use his help!”

It has been warm for an Indiana Christmas. I was able to put the Christmas lights on the house and wear a short-sleeve shirt. This time, my kids didn’t have to wait for me. You know how impatient they get!

Caption reads: “Get Dad! Tell him I’m sorry I started putting up Christmas lights without him and I could really use his help!”

Birdhouse plus church equals Birchhouse

Cartoon of birdhouse and birdhouse-church

Cartoon of a birdhouse and a birdhouse-church.

When I was a kid, my neighbors had a “condo” birdhouse. I watched that thing closely. I wondered if birds actually used it, and if so, did they play nice?

As hard as a tried, I never saw any birds go in to the house. Maybe they needed their privacy and waited until the nosy kid left the backyard.

That got me wondering what a whole birdhouse community would look like. Here’s the start of one right now.