A comedy or a tragegy?

Cartoon of a sad boy. He says, "My life is going nowhere. At this rate I'll never sell the movie rights to my life story!"

It sounds great to have a movie made about your life until you realize all life journeys worth watching involve discomfort, pain and insurmountable odds. After all, nobody needs a hero if there is nothing to be rescued from.

Breakfast Cereal and Adventure 

I heard a few months ago that Millenials aren’t eating as much breakfast cereal as previous generations because it takes too much time to prepare.

Judging by cereal commercials, I think it is because cereal causes too much adventure. It gives us too much get-up-and-go. It makes us do crazy things like skateboard, try out for the dodgeball team or hike Pikes Peak with nothing more than milk and cereal for provisions. Continue reading “Breakfast Cereal and Adventure “

Perennial Rides

Cartoon of a grandfather and grandson on a roller coaster.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “perennial.”

When I heard the word, I thought about some people who may be up in years, but still love the amusement park rides. It’s always fun to see a senior citizen tackle a roller coaster. I also thought of the perennial summer traditions like county fairs and trips to amusement parks.

Medical Adventure

Cartoon of a boy in the hospitalCartoon of an injured boy in the hospital. He says to another boy, “Why is it whenever you have a taste for adventure, I end up in the emergency room?”

Boring Vacation

Cartoon of two kids on a beach

Cartoon of two kids on a beach. A boy says to a girl, “What a boring vacation! We haven’t even had one trip to the emergency room.” Continue reading “Boring Vacation”