Real or Social Media Friends?

Cartoon of two women. One says, "Level with me, Doris. Are you my real or social media friend?
©2015 Kevin Spear-Cartoon 4029

We live in a world where we have social media friends, the we have close friends. Social media has allowed me to get in touch with people I may never meet face-to-face. My life is richer for those friendships. Yet, they cannot take the place of friendships within a community.

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Immovable Real Estate

Cartoon of a couple staring at a huge idolCartoon of a couple with a sold sign and a huge idol. The man asks the woman, “€œDo you recall the previous owners mentioning this was in the back yard?”

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Compounded Love Interest

Cartoon of a couple in loveCartoon of a couple in love. The husband says, “€œI’m pretty content with what we have even when indexed with the rate of inflation!” Continue reading “Compounded Love Interest”

Charitable Pleasing

Cartoon of a business man and a receptionistCartoon of a receptionist and business man. The receptionist says, “€œYou have three messages from charities. One says ‘€˜please,’€™ one says ‘€˜pretty please,’€™ and the third says ‘€˜with sugar on top!'”

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Wear your Salary Cap

Cartoon of two boys playing basketball

Cartoon of two boys playing basketball. One says, “You can’t beat me! Not when I’m wearing my salary cap!”

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