Networking Gold

Cartoon of a happy man. He says to a woman, "I struck gold today! I networked with a bounce house rental business owner!"
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When it comes to networking, my wife is a pro. She is a children’s pastor. You can bet she has a bounce house vendor on speed dial.

I realized how handy that was when each of our children graduated from high school. She knew parents would bring their children. On each open house, the bounce house rental guy showed up and set up quite the nice bounce house. The kids had a blast and parents could mingle and congratulate our graduate without a worry. Continue reading “Networking Gold”

How to have a happy career

Sketch of two guys. One has a wizard's hat


Sketch of two men. One has a wizard’s hat on. He says, “I’m going to stay into farming until the magic is gone.”

That’s good advice no matter what career you’re in. Whether it’s farming, banking, construction or widget making, keep the magic in whatever you do.

We can work to keep the magic in our career, especially if it’s something you had a passion for before. If we’re always learning, always finding a way to do something different and better in our career, the magic will still be there.

Our society is making it easy to keep the magic in our careers because we must change if we are going to stay in our industry. Technology and globalization requires it!

So what are you doing today to keep the magic in whatever you do?