Conversation Relief

Cartoon of a boy with a mess on a floorCartoon of a boy and girl. There is a mess on the ground. The boy says, “Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Sorry it’s all over your floor.” Continue reading “Conversation Relief”

Fair-weather Friends

Cartoon of two boys arguingCartoon of two boys arguing. One says, “Hey! I’m not just a fair-weather friend! I’d also be there for you at carnivals, amusement parks and parades.”

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Bonfire with Friends

Cartoon of two mice at a bonfire and a cat. A mouse says, “Nothing like a bonfire with friends, is there?”

The thing I like about bonfires in autumn is the mysterious, spooky feeling. I can see what’s going on around the bonfire, but what’s lurking out there beyond the warm glow? Only The Shadow knows. Wait! That’s “What evil lurks within the hearts of men.” Sounds like Halloween to me.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS2


Rejoice, originally uploaded by speartoons.

This morning, I was thinking about new year’s resolutions and the frivolity that goes with new year celebrations. It doesn’t take too much for reality to set in.

It take a little work to rejoice after the new year joy.

How’s your new year resolutions going?

A true friend

Caption reads: “Only a true friend would let you know you have a duck on your head.”

A real friend is one who let’s you know if you have food on your face instead of letting you proudly wear it all day. That’s right, a friend will tell you when you are looking like a goober. They’ll say, “Excuse me, emperor, but you are wearing no clothes.”

We all need a friend like that. Considering how sloppy I can be, I’m glad I have friends like that. It saves on self-inflicted humiliation!