A comedy or a tragegy?

Cartoon of a sad boy. He says, "My life is going nowhere. At this rate I'll never sell the movie rights to my life story!"

It sounds great to have a movie made about your life until you realize all life journeys worth watching involve discomfort, pain and insurmountable odds. After all, nobody needs a hero if there is nothing to be rescued from.

Being Courageous

Being Courageous Join Winter 2008-2009

These are illustrations I did for a Sunday school take home paper. Each illustration shows a child who shows courage in a situation such as praying before lunch, refusing to smoke and watching an inappropriate movie.

I drew these in Adobe Illustrator.

The Rights of Movies

Cartoon of a boy and grandfather

Cartoon of a boy and grandfather on a couch. The boy says, “That’s a great story, grandpa. Have you sold the movie rights?”

Movie Night Equipment

Cartoon of a boy with snacks and tvCartoon of boy with snacks and a drink. He says to girl, “I got all the equipment together for movie night. Have a seat.” Continue reading “Movie Night Equipment”