10 myths about a church nursery

Cartoon of two babies. One says, "It's not so bad here, kid. The snacks are great, they have decent background music and the rattles are to die for."Nurseries are magical places. grandmotherly types get to rock babies and workers get to dole out Cheerios® and Goldfish® Crackers by the truckload.

But new volunteers still get intimidated by the church nursery. Fear not! For Behold! I give you the top ten myths about a church nursery.

  1. Just because an adult enters a nursery doesn’t automatically guarantee they will get the flu, a stomach virus, or just general case of the “ick.”
  2. There is not, nor has there ever been a dirty diaper with your name on it.
  3. You’re allowed to eat the snacks as long as you give them to the children first.
  4. If you don’t know the lyrics to Jesus Loves Me, don’t sweat it. Everybody only knows the first verse any way.
  5. It’s not true there are bio hazard suits for the really messy diapers. (sorry about that one).
  6. When somebody calls a baby “a walker,” it does not mean the child has become a zombie.
  7. You can leave once the parents come for their children. It’s not the Hotel California.
  8. Yes, we admit those baby activity centers are fun to play with. It’s okay for the workers to play with them too.
  9. Though diaper bags are large, mysterious containers full of magic, no child has ever gone missing in one of them.
  10. When you have a baby smile at you, the whole hour is definitely worth it!

So tell us, nursery workers, what are some myths you discovered about working in the the nursery?


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