Cartoon: Idol Oath

Cartoon of a choir oath.

Cartoon of an idol oath

Cartoon of two men in choir robes. One holds a Bible and says, “As a new choir member, you must take an oath that you will never appear on ‘American Idol.’”

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Cartoon: Roosting in the Balcony

Cartoon: Roosting in the Balcony

Cartoon: Roosting in the balcony

Cartoon of  a couple in a balcony. A pigeon is rosting next to them. The wife says, “That’s why I don’t like sitting in the balcony.

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Illustration Friday: Super Heroes

Cartoon of a boy and a pastor.
Boy to Pastor: “But why doesn’t our church reach out to super heroes?”

This week’s Illustration Friday theme reminded me of a cartoon I did some years back. As a boy, I wondered were those super heroes were in real life. I found out later many were closer than I thought. One of them lived right in my house and went by the alias, “Dad.”

Birdhouse plus church equals Birchhouse

Cartoon of birdhouse and birdhouse-church

Cartoon of a birdhouse and a birdhouse-church.

When I was a kid, my neighbors had a “condo” birdhouse. I watched that thing closely. I wondered if birds actually used it, and if so, did they play nice?

As hard as a tried, I never saw any birds go in to the house. Maybe they needed their privacy and waited until the nosy kid left the backyard.

That got me wondering what a whole birdhouse community would look like. Here’s the start of one right now.