A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream

Cartoon of two women having coffee. One says, "I have a dream. One day, our children's ministry will skip a whole day without calling for janitor backup."
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True story: I was a church janitor once. Actually, I was a teen church janitor for over two years. When your grandfather is the pastor and your father is the Maintenance Supervisor you get those kinds of perks. I have maintenance supervisor in italics because it was a small church, Dad was a volunteer and he had the job because no one else was available on a Saturday morning and Grandpa trusted him with the keys. (My brother and I must be the only church janitors in modern history that never had an impressive set of keys.) Continue reading “A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream”

Why the little things get us riled up

Cartoon of a guy eating a sub sandwich at church

Cartoon of a guy eating a sub sandwich in a church pew while a disapproving elderly woman looks on. the caption reads, “It all began when they allowed coffee in the sanctuary…”

I thought of this idea when I saw a lively forum discussion about allowing or refusing coffee in a church’s sanctuary.  Some were vehemently opposed to such nonsense. Others were insistent that all parts of the church should be welcoming and as long as it wasn’t a distraction, why not?

Personally,  I bring my coffee with me into the sanctuary. There was a time this was a no-no in our church. But we let go of that controversy years ago. I haven’t seen anybody bring a full meal into the sanctuary.

When I was younger, I thought of having a pizza delivered into the sanctuary (That would have been a major faux pas then). Hey! if it’s good for the youth group, it would be good for the rest of the church, right? Fortunately, young love and marriage kept me from such foolishness before I had the money to try such a stunt.

It does amaze me how little things like this can get people worked up. We focus on these little irritations because it is so much more difficult to focus on the difficult issues. It’s much more difficult to love your neighbor than to have an opinion on coffee/church etiquette.

I drew this for the February, 2014, Church of God E-newsletter.

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Mentor Me Some Coffee

Cartoon of an executive and a younger guy. The exec says, "I'd like to mentor you. We can start by you getting me some coffee."

Cartoon of an executive and a younger guy. The exec says, “I’d like to mentor you. We can start by you getting me some coffee.”

Mentoring is a little more than finding a gopher to go get you some coffee and doughnuts. Mentoring is the attempt to teach someone the lessons you wish someone taught you when you started out in business.

Here is my mentoring tip for you today: do what you love, and don’t be afraid to charge for it. By the way, I’ll take a cup of coffee too.

A Caffeinated Treat

Cartoon of a woman and a trick or treater. The woman says, “Happy Halloween! Here, have a pumpkin spice latte!”

Several years ago, I took my son trick-or-treating. We came to a home that obviously wasn’t prepared. The lady was giving warm cans of soda pop to the kids. Each child just stared at the can an mumbled a “thank you,” as they tossed it in their treat bags.

Looking back on it, I would have preferred a latte.