Monster Sketch Refined

Here’s my refined sketch of the monster. It was necessary to get a more polished sketch before I took it into Adobe Illustrator. While the first sketch was great for the idea. I now needed to build solid shapes.

I wanted the monster to smile. The original had that Bigfoot, deer-in-the-headlights look. Instead of a row of jagged teeth, I though fangs would give him a fighting chance in the wild. I also wanted to show some modeling to the body. The back arm needed to be behind the body. I also needed to make a break between the body and the back leg. The figure is now moving from being a hairy blob to something with structure.

Some of these things are personal preferences. Others are details I want to resolve before I take it into Illustrator. I wanted the arms and legs to be separate just in case I wanted to animate it later. That’s one of the great things about Illustrator is that it works well with Adobe Flash.

Monster sketch

No, it’s not a gigantic sketch this morning. I’m trying something different with my blog. In the coming posts, I’ll take this sketch and bring it to a finished illustration.

This is a doodle out of my November, 2010 sketchbook. Lately, I’ve been documenting my sketches with a program/web service called Evernote. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a lot of notes and are trying to find a way to organize it all. It is a service on a web, but also an application for Windows and the Mac. You can also access if from your iPhone, iPad, Android or other smart phone.

The Mac version has worked very well for me. You can scan or take photos of your handwritten notes and sketchbook pages. If your writing is legible, Evernote will recognize the text and make it searchable.

I liked this sketch because it will complement the vector style I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve noticed my drawing style has changed while I’ve been drawing in Adobe Illustrator. I am paying attention to simpler shapes and how to design an illustration.

I’ve been a designer since college along with an illustrator. But I’ve noticed how the two disciplines are complementing each other. When I was younger, I thought the primary purpose of illustration was to accurately and convincingly portray an object or scene. That’s ironic, considering I’ve always preferred a cartoon style. Cartooning is all about exaggeration. If anybody in the real world looked like a cartoon, they’d stop traffic, and it wouldn’t be because they were drop dead gorgeous!

Now I see that an illustration needs to be designed well just like a well designed book or web page. That’s my epiphany for the day.

Next, I’ll get a more polished sketch together. Stay tuned!

No Paper Clips

Illustration of a woman showing an anti-paper clip presentation from a projector.

Sometimes, frugality in the work place and a desperate search for an outlet leads people to some odd campaigns. The lady in this illustration has had her fill of paper clips and she won’t take it anymore!

I drew this in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I Heart U Valentine!

Illustration of a couple walking. The man is pouting because he has to wear a heart sweater.
It’s cute to see elderly couples who have been together longer than their golden anniversary. I’ve seen many a cranky man have to bear the adoration of his sweetheart. My goal is to one day be one of those guys who has to grin and bear it. Because you know, deep down, those guys wouldn’t have it any other way.
Happy 24th Valentine’s Day, Miss Paula!
I drew this for Valentine’s Day and for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “sweater.”

Icy Reverse

Cartoon of a man and his dog. They are trying to go up an icy hill, to no avail. I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “reverse.”

There’s been a lot of ice in Indiana lately. This week, I’ll be pleased if I merely slide in reverse instead of crashing onto my derriere.