Intense Children’s Ministry Training

I have to brag on my wife. She is a children’s pastor and very big on equipping her volunteers. The other week, she had a training for her volunteers. It didn’t involve push-ups or burpees. Instead, it focused on relationships and building connections with parents as well as children.

One of the scariest situations anyone ever faces is when they enter a new situation without any training or preparation. It is much better to put in the sweat and prepare yourself for any situation. One of the most important tasks anyone can do is work with children. I am so appreciative of the teachers and volunteers that put in the effort every day to be the best at reaching kids.

I drew this cartoon for Kidzmatter Magazine.

What will kids be like in 100 years?

My youngest child with be eighteen years-old in a few weeks. That has me thinking about the future. Today’s kids have electronic gadgets I would have never dreamed about when my brother and I were playing Star Trek in our dad’s old pickup truck. It never ended well for our dad. When we pushed the old Chevy into warp speed, we frequently flooded the engine.

My brother and I where sure we’d have flying cars when we were adults. Yes, we’re still waiting on that one. Now that I have driven for thirty years, I realize, flying vehicles in the hands of some people would be quite the disaster. But driverless cars? Who but Google would’ve though about that?

Will my great grandkids see Star Trek type technology in their life time? Will they grab a snack from a 3D printer? Will Google still be around or will they think of Internet search engines the same way we look at Model T Fords?

Here are my predictions for what kids will be like in the year 2114:

  • Kids will still need a loving home
  • Kids will still need boundaries and they will test them
  • Kids will take the newest, most well-designed gadget and find a way to break it.

We may not be able to predict all the circumstances our descendants will face in one hundred years, but we can be sure kids will still be kids, and good parents and teachers will be sorely needed.

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Can an old dog, or a new kid change?


Kids can be just as stubborn as older adults when it comes to change. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, change can be difficult!

Too often, adults know a change is coming, but figure kids will be able to deal with it because they are young. The truth is, every individual involved in a change needs to be informed and listened to, whether it’s the youngest or oldest member of a group.

So if a change is coming and it affects children, remember to be considerate of them and keep them informed in an age appropriate way. They have more in common with old dogs when it comes to teaching new tricks.

Pilgrim Kids Coloring Page

Pilgrim Kids Coloring Page

Coloring page of two Pilgrim Kids. This page is for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States and is available for personal, church and school use.

I’m open to suggestions. Let me know what coloring pages you would like to see, and I may be able to post it for you.

Having a Heat Wave

Illustration of a girl and dad in Hawaiian garb.

When my daughter was seven, she found out her mom was serving shish kabobs for dinner. When she discovered this, she immediately searched for some beach party costumes we had stored and prodded me to celebrate. Since we were having shish kabobs, it was naturally a time for a luau, right?

Kids are great for parents because they teach grown ups to lighten up a little. When life gets tough, look for reasons to celebrate. Even if you can’t find something, observe your kids, they can teach us to lighten up and enjoy the world around us!