Where’s Your Faith?

Cartoon of a boy about to jump off a roof with handmade wings

Cartoon of two boys. One is wearing some handmade wings He is getting ready to jump off a roof. The other is on a ladder. The boy on the ladder says, “Where’s your faith?” Continue reading “Where’s Your Faith?”

Sunday School Fireworks

Cartoon of mother, son and teacherCartoon of a mother, son and teacher. The mother says, “See? I told you she doesn’t allow fireworks in the Sunday school classes.”

For those of you in the United States, happy Independence Day. No fireworks in Sunday school, please!

Drinking and Texting

Cartoon of two babies

Cartoon of two babies. A baby girl has a cell phone. A baby boy says, “Should you be drinking and texting?”

Continue reading “Drinking and Texting”

Falling Pride

Cartoon of boy with bike helmetCartoon of boy with a bike helmet. He says to another boy, “Since pride comes before a fall, I’m wearing a helmet.” Continue reading “Falling Pride”

Safe Church Bulletins

Cartoon of a pastor, woman and a mannequin

Cartoon of a pastor, woman and a mannequin. The woman say, “This church bulletin should be safe. I tried it on the crash test dummy.” Continue reading “Safe Church Bulletins”