Genius and goal setting

Quote: "Genius is the ability to clearly visualize the objective." Dan Miller

I am reading, 48 Days to the Work You LoveThe above quote was in his chapter on change. It reminded me of Albert Einstein’s quotes on the importance of imagination

It takes a massive amount of imagination and faith to visualize the future. With imagination, we can see what has yet to be developed. With faith, we can pursue something others can not.

When President Kennedy said the United States would put a man on the moon by the end of the nineteen-sixties, it was technically impossible. Yet it was a vision the country embraced and did. It took courage, faith and a little vision casting.

Dan Miller’s quote just change my definition of genius.

Be the Change: Sermon Notes

Sermon sketch notes on "Be the Change," by Richard Triplett
Copyright ©2017. Sermon Copyright Richard Triplett

On Sunday, September 2, 2017, at Salem Church of God, Pastor Richard Triplett preached on how to Be the Change. My sketch notes from the sermon are above.

The sermon was based on the Book of Nehemiah.

The big takeaway I received from the sermon was that in spite of the massive amount of transformation our world has faced in a few short decades, most of us still fear when things begin changing. It takes a certain amount of brokenness to make change possible. The saddest situation may be when we insist on things staying the same even when we admit it is broken. 

Age is No Excuse

I came across this blog post about creativity and aging.

Mary Sayler: In A Writer’s Life: Artistic, creative people get creative at any age

I agree with her assertion that at any age people can find creative outlets.

It reminded me of my grandfather. He was a minister for over fifty years at the same church. He was sharp as a tack until he retired from the ministry and had no plan for what retirement would look like. He slowly lost his mental acuity and his passion for life.

We all have a calling. Age or retirement is not a reason to abandon your calling. Keep doing what you were born to do.

I’ve see children’s ministry volunteers who lose their passion once their kids leave the ministry. But some of the greatest volunteers I’ve seen have volunteered way past retirement age. If you have a passion for teaching kids, don’t give up because your child has grown up.

I have a passion for writing and drawing for children. I also have a passion for children’s ministry. I’ve been so glad to have the last week to be able to focus on my calling and realize what a need there is for people with a passion.

What’s your calling? No matter what your age is, make a commitment to do what you were born to do!