Love is so strange, even in Oz

Copyright ©2014 Kevin Spear
Copyright ©2014 Kevin Spear

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How to be honest in a dating relationship

Cartoon of a frog and a princess
Cartoon of frog to princess. The frog says, “Let’s be honest. I’m not a prince. But if you’ll kiss me, I’ll feel good about myself.”

I picture my wife thinking something along this line when we first dated. I’m glad she ended up kissing the frog. She’s still royalty and I’m a better quality frog for it.

Dating Hazards

Cartoon of a woman with wild hair

Cartoon of a couple. A woman has wild hair. She says, “We can’t go out tonight. I have a VERY bad hair day.”


Cartoon of a boy and girl. The boy says, “You should go out with me. I’m an award-winning student.”

No Atmosphere

Cartoon of a couple looking in a restaurantCartoon of a couple looking inside a restaurant. Two diners are gasping for air while another wears an oxygen mask. The guy looking in the restaurant says, “I hear the food is great, but there isn’t much atmosphere.”

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