Halloween and Politics

Cartoon of a man and vampire. A man says, “Wow, Michael! Congress really changed you!”Cartoon of a man and vampire. A man says, “Wow, Michael! Congress really changed you!”

According to a quick Internet search, Lord Acton was the one who originally said, “Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

No matter who you are, the temptation is there to become a little vampire whenever you gain a little power. The more you get, the more the fangs start protruding and you begin fearing the light. Hey! no one is righteous, not even one.

On this Halloween night, be careful out there! Because the politicians will get you if you don’t watch out!

Office Holiday Spirit

Christmas cartoon of a grumpy businessman

Cartoon of a man in a santa suit and a grumpy businessman. The businessman says, “The office is in the holiday spirit. At least it is as soon as I leave it.”

I saw a production of A Christmas Carol last night. It had me thinking of what a modern-day Scrooge would look like. I know there are plenty around modern offices. I admit I haven’t decorated my cubicle or began shouting, “Ho, ho, ho!” yet.

There’s something about the crass commercialism part of Christmas that makes us feel uncomfortable. We take a religious holiday and make it a make-or-break buying bonanza. Even if our office depends upon this commercialism, it makes us feel uncomfortable, doesn’t it. O the avarice!

What to do when your hair has a mind of its own

Cartoon of a girl with wild hair

Cartoon of two girls. One has wild hair. The other says, “That’s crazy. Your hair really DOES have a mind of its own.”

Bad hair days can get you down. I feel for people that experience unruly hair. I have memories of those times. Unfortunately, as I get older, that becomes less and less of a problem.

I drew this cartoon when my daughter was experiencing a really bad hair day. She was young enough then to go with the flow. Now when she says she has a bad hair day, I can’t see the difference. It looks as beautiful as any other time. Maybe I’m looking at her with Dad-colored glasses. Or maybe I no longer notice when hair takes control of a poor individual.

Why it is so hard to face our fears cartoon

cartoon of a girl and a monster. The monster is eating someone

Cartoon of a girl and a monster. The monster is eating someone. The girl says, “You see, Roger? This is why I don’t like facing my fears!”

Fears, whether real or imagined can stop us in our tracks. We adults forget that children’s fears are just as real and debilitating to them as any adult-sized fears. They can consume anyone (and either our friends). What do you do?

  • Acknowledge you have the fear. It does no good to pretend a fear isn’t there when it is affecting us. Denying the fear monster doesn’t make it go away.
  • Realize courage doesn’t come from the absence of fear. Many a person has broken through a fear because they chose to be courageous in the midst of their fear.
  • Talk about it with a trusted friend, teacher or pastor. You may be surprised to learn you are not the only one facing that same fear. And acknowledging a phobia or anxiety with someone else breaks the power of the fear monster

Spooky Customer Service

Cartoon of a girl and a ghost

Cartoon of a ghost and a girl. The girl says, “This is a really bad time for a scare. Can you come back later?”

What a nice ghost! I’m sure he will come back later when it’s more convenient.