Post Vacation Stress

Cartoon of a boy and girl
Caption reads: “I’m suffering from PVSD: Post Vacation Stress Disorder.”

Whew! I’m not looking forward to waking the kids this morning. The well-oiled machine will squeaky this morning. It was hard enough getting everyone to bed last night. Our biological clocks think it is still vacation. Oh, Florida! How we miss ye!

It was a great time for the family. Now back to reality!

Cold Water and Shells

Here is a little sketch out of my Moleskine.

The water has been a bit cold, but the kids are enjoying the shells. I am having a great time with my nephew and kids. The beach has been very, very good to us.

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Coloring Nitpicking

Caption: “It’s nice, but Jesus needs a brown beard, the sky should be sunny and you put polka dots on the boy’s shirt. I don’t like polka dots.”

When I was four or five, I was coloring a picture in Sunday school. A teacher’s helper came over to see what I was coloring. He said, “That’s a nice cow, but cows aren’t purple.”

I continued coloring while I announced, “Well, this cow is!”

He went to the next kid pretty quickly. I thought he was nuts because I heard about a purple cow on “Captain Kangaroo.”

With that attitude, I must have been destined to be an artist. To all you parents and teachers who wonder what in the world the kid is thinking when he or she drew it, don’t worry about it. Let them be creative.

Quiet Reflection

It’s school time again! The running, yelling and pushing abounds on the playgrounds and the classrooms. I was a quiet kid, so I can imagine wanting a little bit of that quiet reflection. Heaven knows I certainly did a lot of praying in school.
“Dear God, please let their be something new for lunch. Please let their be a place for me at kickball. And Please help that one girl not to have cooties!”

Classroom Consolidation

I love working with kids at my church. I pray I won’t get too old to act silly in Sunday school, play a little Twister and drink red punch.

I’ve seen older people that just love kids and a few who… well, let’s just say life has been tough on them and they are no longer user friendly to babies.

Let’s keep the faith and stay young, if only young at heart.